How to Find a Relocation Realtor in St. Louis

How to find a relocation realtor in St. Louis

As a Midwest hub for start-ups, universities, medical institutions, and several Fortune 500 companies, St. Louis has more than its share of transplanted residents. When a company needs an employee to move to the region, it’s not unusual for them to offer some type of relocation package. Depending on the company, they might offer the employee assistance in finding a new home, or the money to do it on their own. In recent years, third-party relocation companies and relocation realtors have become a lucrative niche in the world of real estate.

Relocation companies around the country need to find relocation realtors in St. Louis who can provide a smooth transition to clients coming to the Gateway to the West. Here are some ways to find the best ones and why it’s so important.

Helping Clients Relocate to St. Louis

Find a relocation realtor in St. Louis who knows all about the city

Every region of the country has its own little quirks when it comes to the real estate market. Unless you live there or spend significant time there, it’s impossible to know them all. That’s why it’s important for relocation specialists to find local agents to work with their clients who are moving to St. Louis and the surrounding area.

In fact, St. Louis’s numerous surrounding areas are one of those quirks. Unless you’re a local resident, you may not know that the city of St. Louis is actually pretty small, but has 79 distinct neighborhoods. Surrounding the city are nearly 100 different suburban municipalities, all with different names. Sometimes they’re called by those names, but often they’re simply referred to as “St. Louis”. Write “St. Louis” in the address on a letter to someone in Shrewsbury or Afton, and it will get there! It can be confusing if you don’t know the lay of the land.

St. Louis real estate includes some things that might be foreign to people relocating from other parts of the country. People from either coast will be thrilled with what they can get for their money. On the flip side, St. Louis’s public transportation may seem underdeveloped compared to more urban regions. The pros and cons extend to the houses as well. There are many older homes with lots of character, but they might have outdated features like knob and tube wiring. Buyers also need to be aware of how changeable weather in the region affects basements and drainage.

An experienced realtor in St. Louis can show clients the diversity of schools, retail options, recreation, and all the wonderful things the region has to offer.

Advantages of a 3rd Party Relocation Specialist

Relocation specialists, or relocation management agencies, are hired by companies to help their employees move. These agencies contract with local realtors and vendors to make it happen. 

An alternative is for the employee to handle all of the details themselves. They typically get an itemized reimbursement or a flat “moving allowance” from their employer. While this might sound reasonable, it’s not always the best method of handling relocations. It relies on the employee selling their home, finding an acceptable new home, neighborhood, and school in an unfamiliar city, then coordinating packing up and moving there—all while working within a desired timeframe and budget. 

Instead, the company can outsource services for their relocating employees to a third-party company. These relocation specialists can help facilitate everything involved in a move, whether it’s to St. Louis, across the country, or anywhere in the world.

  • Find a buyer for their current home
  • Find a relocation realtor in St. Louis to help with the new home search
  • Gather information about schools and communities for the employee
  • Set up travel and hotels for tours of St. Louis and available homes
  • Negotiate the home sale and purchase on behalf of the employee
  • Arrange for temporary housing or rental units if necessary
  • Coordinate storage, packing, and the move
  • Handle visas and other documents needed for international moves

Moving is stressful. Moving to a new city that you know nothing about is even worse. A full-service option offered by a relocation expert gives employees the guidance they need to navigate buying a house in a brand new hometown. From the employer’s perspective, using a relocation management company will help get the employee settled into his or her new position more quickly and economically than being left to fend for himself or herself.

What to Look For in a St. Louis Relocation Realtor

Relocation realtor in St. Louis helping a couple transition to a new city

A relocation management company typically has a network of agents and brokers in various cities. They offer them the opportunity to work with their relocating clients and in return get a referral fee. But if the company does not yet have a network of realtors in St. Louis, they will need to find some who are qualified. 

The search for a relocation realtor in St. Louis is not that different from looking for a local realtor anywhere. Relocation management companies will want to find someone who is reliable, has experience, and knows the local real estate market. In addition to those core features, they should look for the following special features too:

  • A dedicated team who specializes in relocation real estate.
  • A widespread presence in the area. For example, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties has nine branch offices that cover the entire St. Louis region.
  • Relationships and discounted rates with moving-related services.
  • Assistance in finding employment for spouses and partners.
  • A positive track record relocating for employees of corporations of all sizes.
  • Agents who are CRPs (Certified Relocation Professionals), a certification administered by Worldwide ERC (Employee Relocation Council).

Can Individuals Hire a Relocation Realtor in St. Louis?

Many people move to St. Louis without the benefit of a relocation package from their employer. The company they work for may not offer one, or they are moving for their own personal reasons rather than a job transfer. While relocation realtors usually work for corporations, individuals can use their services too.

Relocating to an unfamiliar city adds complications to the already stressful situation of moving. First, people must find a house in a suitable neighborhood that they can afford. Then, their worry is compounded with a spouse’s job hunt and finding a good school for the kids. Not to mention considerations like commute times, churches, nearby shopping, and more. 

Hiring a relocation specialist to assist can take some of the burden off of the process. For example, the relocation agents at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties can narrow down choices to the neighborhoods and suburbs that best fit a family’s needs.

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